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We’ve had clients go from a 440 to a 640 in 3 months. We advise clients that it takes 3-8 months on average. If you forward in your documents to our office as soon as you get them. The process will go a lot quicker. We dispute accounts that need to be addressed with urgency to all three major credit reporting agencies. Also to the original source of the companies that reported the data on your credit reports.

Our services begin with a $0 set up and review of all three of your credit reports. You must, however, enroll in a credit monitoring service such as ScoreSense or IdentityIQ, enrollment is typically $1 for 7 days. After you are signed up, our services are just $89 a month, with no contracts ever and you can cancel at anytime.

We have had peoples scores go from 400 to 600 to 700. .Although by law we can only give you examples of people we help everyday but we can’t make guarantees of certain credit scores because it is against the Credit Repair Organizing Act (CROA)

We work with collection agencies and request contracts before we would ever advise to settle a debt that was purchased by a collection company. 99% of these companies will guilt a consumer into paying off a debt they purchased from the original creditor who charged the debt off and received a tax credit. It makes no sense to pay a company who bought a debt to make a profit when they hold no legal rights as a company that requires a consumer to pay them for this alleged debt.

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